About US

Bloom Leadership was created out of a passion of helping women and men advance in their careers. Our goal is deep and wide. Our mission is to create opportunities that will create social impact. Bloom Leadership does this by focusing on three key areas: Businesses, Individuals and Funding.

For Businesses

Bloom Leadership works with businesses to create stronger boards as well as increasing women in the executive level through our Bloom Approach coaching program and our Integrity Coaching program focused on all managers and executives within the organization.

For Individuals

Bloom Leadership works with individuals with a coaching and development focus.  Whether the person is a corporate worker, entrepreneur or a stay at home, we believe everyone has the opportunity to make impact.

For Funding

The SeeD Fund, is our nonprofit that works to provide funding to for-profit women held businesses focused on making a change.

Leadership consists of nothing but taking responsibility for everything that goes wrong and giving your subordinates credit for everything that goes right.

MEREDITH WAILES - President of Bloom Leadership

With over 13 years of experience growing with C- Suite executives and boards, Meredith builds human capital through a foundation of trust and integrity. With extensive knowledge in board recruitment and placement, her goal is to create business cultures that are diverse and attract and retain HiPo women and men while increasing the organization's bottom line.

She does this with a focus on women and diversity and inclusion. Currently, less than 5% of companies have women executives. Statics show that having women executives impact the bottom line. Meredith works with organizations on how to understand the different personalities, gender roles and biases, and how men and women should communicate to coach effectively.

Meredith has worked with companies focused on organizing and structuring their board, through coaching and finding the right people. Her strengths include: whole-person engagement coaching, teaching people how to coach powerfully, communication strategy, board placement and leadership commitment as well as women-specific professional coaching. 

Meredith helps her business clients focus on five core competencies: right person, right job, right activities, commitment to those activities, and commitment to continuous improvement. Meredith helps her individual clients by focusing on the whole person development core and identifying what an individual needs to be fulfilled in both their professional and personal lives. 

Meredith is active in helping the community of Charlotte NC become a stronger, more committed place to connect. She focuses her efforts on “SeeD”, a scholarship fund dedicated to female leaders who manage, operate, and/or own for-profit businesses – while also developing and growing their personal leadership.

Meredith also serves as a board coach for the Development & Referral committee at Private Directors Association and is a founding member of Private Directors Association Charlotte.


Briana Small - Executive Assistant & Non-Profit Coordinator for SEED

Briana Small contributes four years of leadership experience to the Bloom team. A recent graduate of Johnson & Wales, in Charlotte, North Carolina, Briana has a bachelors degree in Baking and Pastry and Food Service Management.

For personal development, Briana used her extracurricular time studying and working in leadership development. In addition to her position as Student Body President of her alma mater, Briana was an executive cabinet member of Student Government for four years. 

Briana realized early in her career that her love of leadership and personal development was too great to be ignored. With unique experiences, both here and abroad, Briana has learned that her different path to leadership development is what gives her approach a competitive edge. She has overseen several non-profits from startup to growth and handles various ongoing projects seamlessly and effectively. Her passion for leadership is deeply rooted, and she brings this forth to her work as both the Executive Assistant at Bloom and Non-Profit Coordinator at SEED.


James Morgan 

Jim has 35 years of experience in facilitating growth strategy development and execution and has helped more than 250 organizations compete and prosper in an ever-changing marketplace. Formerly a Senior Manager at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, he is now Managing Partner of Strategy Dynamics, an international Strategic Management consulting firm assisting clients to achieve leadership positions in their respective industries. This encompasses consulting disciplines of growth strategy and execution plan development, executive development, strategic planning, and organization alignment.