Thankful for Cross Generational Companies

I am thankful that our business world today has the opportunity to have three generations working in it. Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennials.  We are very lucky to be able to have access to different values, motivations and personalities that all three have to offer.  

I think this Thanksgiving we should dig a bit deeper in the stereotypes we have given each other. 

The Stereotypes - 

I hear a lot from current executives (Baby Boomer and Gex X) that the Millennials are attention-seeking, impatience, needing constant, immediate feedback job jumpers. I also hear from Millennials that Baby Boomers are slow to react, not focused on training and people, and Gen Xers are locked up in their offices focused on themselves only. 

We all can get agitated about being put in a box!

First, we may come from different generations but we are individuals first. And individuals have different values depending on age but also factors as where they grew up, how they grew up and a big one, their personality. 

We should focus on the positive that we have an opportunity to learn and value each generation and the individuals in it. With having  a cross generation company we have access to ideas,thoughts and opinions that will allow us to be diverse in this ever growing global economy. 

Taking the time to understand the individuals in our company and how we tick regardless of our generation is crucial today for us to grow and to continue to grow. It is vital that we stop talking about the downsides of the generations but focus on how we can use this as a competitive advantage.

This Thanksgiving, I would like to thank all the companies we have worked with in cross generational development and welcome everyone else to take a deeper look at your cross generational group.

Are you cultivating your cross generational leaders?

Happy Holidays! Meredith