Why You Should Consider Group Coaching

When you envision coaching, what do you picture? Some imagine a therapy-like scenario in which they describe their problems and a coach helps them find their own way to a solution. Others imagine a boot camp scenario in which their coach tells them what to do and makes no bones about expectations. Rarely is the first thing that comes to mind a group scenario.

Group coaching can be an effective way to meet your goals. It offers a great dynamic for those who prefer a more immersive, social approach to business. Aside from the great networking and collaboration opportunities presented by group coaching, here are some of the reasons you should consider group coaching.


Kindred Spirits

Having a coach to direct you and mentors who have already achieved greatness can be motivating and inspirational. However, sometimes it is nice to have someone on your level facing similar challenges as yourself.

Group coaching sessions allow you to connect with people with whom you can relate. Together, you can discuss challenges and celebrate successes. You can learn from the experiences of your peers, and come up with new ideas that will help you overcome roadblocks.

Together, with a coach to direct you, having a group session can help you succeed. As the saying goes, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”


Support System

A group coaching session provides an excellent support system as you work toward your goals. As you become more comfortable in your group, you may find that it becomes a healthy outlet to share your fears, concerns, and hangups.

When you leave a group coaching session, you leave knowing that there are people rooting for you. Striving to build a career can be a lonely task, especially for an entrepreneur. Your friends and family won’t always understand your path and the dedication it takes to get there. Your coaching group, on the other hand, will understand this aspect of your life and the feelings of isolation you sometimes face.


Giving Back

It might be hard to believe if you find yourself struggling, but you have some great ideas! Sometimes it is so much easier to see things from the outside of a situation. While you obtain guidance from your coaching session, you will also have a platform from which you can help others.

Group coaching gives you a unique opportunity to grow while helping others reach their goals. This further fuels your Whole Person Development through the fuelling of your social aspect. There are numerous studies outlining the benefits of volunteering, which is alike in the sense of selfless acts. These benefits include increased lifespan and happiness, and lower stress levels.


Team Experience

Group coaching sessions add a team element to your personal experience. This helps develop your networking skills to carry forward into future business relationships. It gives you a chance to evaluate how the group setting benefits you as you strive to meet your goals.

If the idea of a one-on-one coaching experience doesn’t appeal to you, or you are looking to try something different, consider trying a group coaching session. Bring forth your goals, your challenges, your successes, and your unique perspective and try a Bloom Leadership Group Coaching Session today.