Why Businesses Should Work with One Executive Recruiter

A business’s most valuable asset is undoubtedly its human resources, and in every operation’s lifespan there comes a time when the employee base must be replenished or built upon. That’s where working with an executive recruiter comes in. Working with an executive recruiter can help a business-- especially one with a limited human resources management team-- save time and money while finding the right people for their organization.

There are a plethora of recruiting agencies with a pool of candidates seeking work. However, designating a single executive recruiter to work with your business offers a variety of notable benefits. Let’s take a look at why your business should work with one executive recruiter.


Familiarity and Rapport


One of the most common qualifications listed on a job posting is experience. When a manager considers someone for a promotion, they look at the individual’s experience within the company. Businesses work for years to establish a rapport with customers and suppliers. Why shouldn’t the same mentality apply to finding an executive recruiter?

Working with one executive recruiter results in familiarity. They will learn what does and does not work for your company, have a working knowledge of the company’s history and future development plans. This connection provides a basis for outcome-based decision making when selecting new candidates when positions become available.

Having a designated executive recruiter over time also builds a rapport, making the often tedious task of candidate selection and hiring less burdensome for the involved parties. Having a familiar workflow and smooth line of communication can help save time and money beyond the usual benefits of enlisting an executive recruiter for hiring needs.


Consistency and Branding


The familiarity of working with a single executive recruiter can add consistency to your company’s image and help build your overall brand. Having a consistent brand and reputation in regards to employees and organizational culture can not only attract customers but talented individuals who wish to work for your company.

Branding goes beyond your messaging, your visual components, and your product offering. Industry leading companies like Disney and Google portray the importance of employees as an aspect of branding. In fact, studies have shown a strong correlation between the two and even go as far as to say that these two components are the most important aspect of a successful business. Having one executive recruiter working on your employee acquisition adds consistency to this facet of your organization.  

Remember, the executive recruiter is an extension of your brand. They are the first to meet the candidates. They are the liaisons that will make sure the candidate has a positive experience. As such, you need to make sure you are hiring an executive recruiter that has the same values as you.


Niche Conditioning


Working with one executive recruiter can be especially beneficial for niche market businesses. You have two options: find a someone who already specializes in your niche or condition a someone to fit your specific needs. This approach prevents you from having to educate new executive recruiters about the idiosyncrasies of your area repeatedly. Even if your business is in a common industry, you undoubtedly have a unique way of doing things to differentiate from the competition. Working with one executive recruiter can help you capitalize on those differences when looking for new employees.

Finding the right executive recruiter for your organization can sometimes be as challenging as finding the right employee. Once you find the right person for your organizational needs, work to create a long-term working relationship. Success is sure to follow. 

Does your business work with one executive recruiter? Tell us your story.


Meredith Wailes is the Senior Associate of Talent Acquisition, Assessments and Training for Preston & Partners. With expertise in coaching, executive searches, assessments, and career development, Meredith is also a founding member and the Chair of Membership for the Private Directors Association- Charlotte Chapter. She is also the creator of “SeeD,” a scholarship fund dedicated to female leaders who manage, operate, and/or own for-profit businesses in Charlotte, NC. For more information visit Meredith on LinkedIn and Twitter.