How to Get Yourself Noticed for a Board Position

When it comes to positioning yourself for a board position, there are steps you can take to become more noticeable. First, you must have a well-crafted resume and bio that you can deliver after informing your network that you’re looking for a board position. Working with a placement agency and volunteering on a non-profit board can also be useful steps to take.


So what if you’ve covered the basics and you’re ready to take a deeper dive into being noticed? Here are five definitive ways you can get yourself noticed for a board position.


Become a Member of the Private Directors Association


The Private Directors Association is a network that is built to educate and connect businesses looking for board members and those looking to get a board position. This organization and those similar often offer regular information and training sessions as well as invaluable networking events. You may also receive exclusive access to subscriptions and resources that will help you leading up to and after getting a board position.


As any career professional knows, networking and continued education and dedication is what can set you apart from the competition and help you reach your goals. The Private Director’s association is an effective way to make that happen.


Use Board Ready Executives to Market Yourself


Board Ready Executives is a marketing platform that will allow you to showcase your skills and availability to interested organizations that are looking for keen board candidates. By uploading your bio and resume, you’ll be able to show interested parties that you’re committed to finding a board position.


Use this platform to highlight your strengths and skill sets that set you apart from your competition. This platform is set to launch in January 2019.


Write Articles on LinkedIn


Believe it or not, LinkedIn hasn’t completely diminished into a platform where people are constantly trying to sell you things. Rather, it remains an effective way for you to passively sell yourself. By posting articles about your experience and sharing helpful information from your personal perspective, you can show board recruiters and company contacts what you’re made of. By posting a combination of personally published articles and long-form statuses, you can optimize the platform’s algorithm so that your reach, and thus your audience, expands exponentially.


More organizations are using social media as a way to learn about their candidates and vet potential candidates for open positions. Recruiters often use LinkedIn specifically to find hidden talent.


Reading and Research


Keep up to date on the business world and the shifting landscape of company boards by reading articles from the aforementioned Private Directors Association as well as Directors and Boards to stay informed. This acts not only as a form of continuing education, but also a way to keep ahead of changing trends and change your approach accordingly. Furthermore, it will give you strong, relevant discussion points to discuss on social media.


Showcase Your Circle of Influence


Have you ever heard of the six degrees of separation? The idea is that the world is so interconnected and accessible, that by using the “friend-of-a-friend” mentality to things, you’re never more than six introductions away from anyone in the world. This concept became a popular topic of conversation in the early Millennium when the internet had fun identifying how everyone actually knows Kevin Bacon.


Having a strong network is one of the top things companies notice when looking for a board member. In fact, there may be someone within your circle of influence looking for a candidate right now.


Write a list of who you know, then extend it by listing people they know. Expand this list as far as you can and make your network known. Follow the various channels and see what (or who) you can find-- it might be your next board position.


Enthusiasm and Dedication Matter


Yes, your background and experience play a significant role in landing a board position. However, your continued enthusiasm and dedication to the process could make the difference between getting a position in your dream company and in a timely fashion.


Be willing to put yourself out there and make your voice heard. That is how you will get yourself noticed for a board position.


Meredith Wailes is the CEO of Boom Leadership, founder of SEED, and an adviser and builder of women who impact social change. Contact her via or connect on LinkedIn to see how she can help you.