How to start coaching now

We’ve all had someone in our lives who has helped us to recognize our potential and see greater possibilities for our personal and professional lives. This is your chance to become that person for those you coach. It’s two-fold, too; there is personal fulfillment that comes from seeing people you have coached reach their goals, earned a promotion, or launched a new business’s. 


If Millennials are looking to be a contributing team player with the power to make a difference and be heard, you can provide that. Provide the platform for their personal success by serving as a coach; business owners, executives and managers have a greater opportunity to attract these Millennials and build an effective and cohesive team when we’re able to identify what drives this generation’s success.


Start coaching now, and here’s how:


·         Ask about their goals and objectives

·         Listen without distractions or interruptions

·         Coach knowledge skills or actions, as needed

·         Praise specific behavior

·         Challenge them to be their best