How to understand and work with someone's personality

How to understand and work with someone’s personality 

You can’t make generalizations about people because of the generation they’re in. The truth of the matter is that how they show up to work and to like is personality driven.  

Yes, generations have trends and similarities based, but you’ve got to focus on a person’s personality.  

Some important things to pay attention to: 

How’s the person day-in-day-out with me? What’s that look like on a daily basis? How do we interact, get along, communicate?  

Now, what’s the bright side look like? When they’re challenged, thriving, successful? How do they act, talk, manage others? 

On the flipside, what’s that person’s dark side look like? What are they like when they’re tired, bored, stressed, comfortable? 

Here’s an example – When I’m in my dark side, I daydream; I’m imaginative; I go to the place where I’m dreaming of everything I’ve ever wanted. 

Three more things to think about when it comes to someone’s personality: 

What motivates them? Is it money, high recognition, flexibility? What do they want, and why?  What are their dreams? Where are they five years from today? 

How does someone handle stress? Internal stress and external stress? What’s internal stress?

Internal stress is a duck on water – from the top, he’s smooth sailing, but underneath the water, they are treading water fast.  

External stress is just that – they’re verbalizing stress to everyone; they’re publicly anxious; they might cry or leave work early – something big, noticeable, external.  

How do they learn? You can’t just assume that everyone hates learning; a lot of people love and thrive on the opportunity to learn, especially as they get older and they want to stay valuable and competitive in the workforce.