Meredith speaks frequently about whole person development and how to align a truly engaged employee with generating profits for the company.

Meredith designed her speaking engagements as “mini-programs” to motivate her audience and guarantee that when they walk out the room they are equipped with one or two actions that they can start using today.

Her most popular speaking engagement topics include (but are not limited to):

1. The 4 Communication Styles That Impact Every Business

2. Stop Managing, Start Coaching

3. How to Manage Three Generations Working For Your Company At One Time

4. How Your Personality Drives Your Business

5. What We’re Not Talking About When We Talk About Gender & the Workforce

6. Your Emotional Intelligence Bootcamp

7. What Happens When Your Unhappiest Employee is Your Most Customer-Facing Employee?

For more information on these topics or to inquire about availability, please email us at info@bloomleaders.com