We believe it is critical to invest in diversity.  

Our current focus is on women who manage, operate, and/or own for-profit businesses. 

Today’s reality: It’s not easy starting a company. To build a business, most women have to do what Meredith did to grow Bloom - dive into savings while working around the clock to build a company that is sustainable – all while preserving some sense of work-life balance. Then, once the business actually has roots, it’s all about trying to figure out how to climb the next mountain to success.

We created the SeeD to help women running a for-profit company in ANY industry access money to keep doing what she’s doing.


At SeeD, our mission is simple: Cultivating and developing Women and their businesses who have the ability to create social impact and change.

The SeeD Fund is a 501c3 nonprofit helping women that have a for-profit
business that affect social impact and change.  The goal of SeeD is twofold;
first to help the woman in her for-profit business grow personally and
professionally. We bleed the understanding that it is crucial for a woman to
take care of herself first so she can help others more substantially. Second,
our focus is to help her established business get to the next level and achieve
its business goals so she and her company can help the cause they choose
with greater demand and growth. Our philopshy help the women so she can
help the masses!

Help US

The first five years of The SeeD Fund are integral to benefiting the lives of female entrepreneurs for decades to come. You can help a local woman grow her business locally, nationally, and even internationally with your donation.

In return, you will be a part of our joint membership program, developing the skills of the women in your organizations through a mentorship program in specific business areas.

This pay-it-forward approach will come full circle, the growth of their business fueling the growth of yours, bolstering the local economy and setting up all involved for success.

Learn more about The SeeD Fund here