We believe it is critical to invest in diversity.  

Our current focus is on women who manage, operate, and/or own for-profit businesses. 

Today’s reality: It’s not easy starting a company. To build a business, most women have to do what Meredith did to grow Bloom - dive into savings while working around the clock to build a company that is sustainable – all while preserving some sense of work-life balance. Then, once the business actually has roots, it’s all about trying to figure out how to climb the next mountain to success.

We created the SeeD to help women running a for-profit company in ANY industry access money to keep doing what she’s doing.

7% of Bloom Leadership membership money will go toward the fund. Our goal is to grow this fund to $50,000. Once we fund has grown to $50,000 we will open this up to the local market of women who have started their business and need help jumping to the next round. 

We believe that every good process needs execution and commitment, and we believe the same for the fund. The winner of the fund will receive a complimentary, all-expenses paid membership to Bloom Leadership for one year on top of the $50,000.