Interesting statistics

  • Sixty percent of new managers fail within the first 24 months (Corporate Executive Board)
  • “Forty seven percent of new supervisors receive no supervisor training” and I4CP

  • “Sixty percent of organizations are facing a shortage of readily available leadership skills” Aberdeen Group report

  • Today’s supervisors and managers are simply not being trained for effective leadership in today’s rapidly changing workplace. Based on James Bird Guess International Success Academy research of 1,050 managers and supervisors from across the United States two alarming facts occurring in many organizations:

    • Less than 10 percent of managers and supervisors were prepared for a leadership role before or after being promoted

    • Roughly 65 percent of managers learned leadership by “guessing” how to lead people


Today, most new managers are in the sink or swim environment. Evolve was developed to coach new leaders; to help them understand the hardships and realities of being a manager while promoting an opportunity for successful growth.